Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cheetah tattoo

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  • iThinkergoiMac
    Apr 21, 10:11 PM
    What kind of connection is it? Does it show up on other computers?

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  • mgheiti
    Feb 1, 06:55 PM
    Here is the file. Just choose "Tile" in wallpapers settings :)

    Thank you!

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 27, 12:01 PM
    still not worth it.

    But for those of you that it is worth it (or have money enough to not care), and are clamoring about an iCal feature, Leopard server has some of that stuff in there, so who knows, it may also be in the works.

    I am SpyMac Club member until late and I must say most features are close to useless...forums are a mess, I don't have time for blogging/webdesigning, one takes a long while to upload something to the online disk and syncing is sketchy...

    This means that .Mac is still pretty far off for me as well...after all, I can barely cope with answering my own emails...:(

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  • grapes911
    Apr 30, 06:45 PM


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  • Schizoid
    Mar 23, 09:58 AM
    I went on the internet, and I found this... he must be calibrating!

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  • Martin C
    Jan 13, 05:57 PM
    Why people keep saying that Steve is laughing his ass off, I have no idea. As if Steve has time to browse MacRumors when the largest Apple event of the year is under two days away.

    Pfft. Unecessary thread.


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  • AndyH17
    Jan 4, 09:55 PM
    Does anyone have a good setup for some recording of paramore tracks? i'm recording Hallelujah for a project at college.

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  • Jomskylark
    May 6, 06:45 PM

    For this upcoming Mother's Day I'd like to present her with a family photo, but overloaded with silly effects. Think clown nose, devil horns, and moustaches.

    Does anybody know of a good, free (or demo) app that can do this? I don't necessarily need those specific effects. Sorry for the short notice.


    PS. If nobody knows then I know of a couple iPhone apps that might be able to accomplish this, but I'd rather use my Mac.


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  • emiljan
    May 5, 06:32 PM
    i would try setting the ports to default instead of :8888. Then restart the server and try again.

    If that doesn't work install xampp which is exactly like mamp and test your web pages using that.

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  • alphaone
    Mar 4, 01:10 PM
    I'll have my new i7-2600k computer coming online sometime next week after I complete its construction and thorough testing (ahem.. overclocking..). All of the parts for it are arriving today (including the new revised SB motherboard finally!), but except for unfortunately the ram is coming via USPS and is currently in Ontario, CA bound for northern CA so it may be here on saturday but I'm not optimistic. I'm pretty excited for this actually, this will be (relatively speaking) the fastest computer I've ever had.


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  • wesrk
    Feb 15, 02:38 AM
    What's with the hosting sites that try to get porn pop ups?
    FYI for those at work or in sensible areas

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  • JRoDDz
    Feb 9, 03:24 PM
    While this is a cool feature, I kind of already have a boatload of rollover minutes.

    That and I don't have the unlimited messaging plan.

    So essentially this doesn't help me in anyway.

    If you have a boatload of rollover, that means you are probably in a higher than necessary rate plan. You can drop down to a lower rate plan, and with the savings, then add unlimited texting. Now you'll be eligible for unlimited m2am which will even give you more rollover.

    Now you'll probably be paying the same, with the exception of now having unlimited texting and unlimited m2am. (I'm hypothesizing since I don't know how many minutes you really use, and what rate plan you are on now)


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  • JackSYi
    Jul 27, 02:59 PM
    Blu Ray is becoming more and more of a reality. :)

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  • netcs54
    Mar 23, 11:53 AM
    Saft Demo

    Anyone know how to remove Saft 7.5.5 Demo from Safari?


    If you haven't found the answer to your question here is what I did.

    I found the answer on:

    It recomends
    Run Saft Installer and choose uninstall, or Move Saft in /Library/InputManagers to Trash.

    I ran the Saft installer but did not get the choice to uninstall so I moved
    /Library/InputManagers to Trash and that did the trick.


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  • gkarris
    Apr 7, 05:25 PM
    Defender is from Midway Games and they're under Liquidation now:

    Maybe Atari should buy their games?

    William's Electronics originally made Defender before Midway bought them up. Stargate was the sequel (later renamed Defender II for legal reasons I've heard)

    William's games were my favorite with Joust and Robotron (as well as their "High Speed" pinball) at the top of the list.

    FWIW, back in the 80's, Midway, Williams, Atari and to a lesser degree, Stern and Tatio dominated the US arcades. Nintendo joined with Donkey Kong but I don't remember them being as big as the 1st three until their "vs'" series came out which allowed head-to-head play.

    If these games are all Atari, you're not going to see Defender on the list.

    The Bally/Midway division of Bally was purchased and reincorporated in 1988 by the arcade and pinball game company Williams Electronics Games through its holding company WMS Industries Inc.

    Scroll down to the games list...

    Plus, Defender is on all my Midway Games Compilation Discs for PS2, GameCube, XBox, etc...

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  • astroot
    Apr 25, 08:22 AM
    If this releases on Wednesday, I'm surprised isn't taking preorders yet. Maybe tomorrow...


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  • Corey Grandy
    Sep 13, 10:39 AM
    I have a problem. :)

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  • sbmrnr
    Feb 11, 02:57 PM
    still working on it, but this is how it currently looks...

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  • ghostalker
    Apr 27, 09:40 PM
    Jobs: If people don�t want to participate in things, they will be able to turn location services off. Once we get a bug that we found fixed, their phone will not be collecting or contributing any crowdsourced information. But nor will it be calculating location.

    Schiller: Sometimes it helps people to understand an analogy that describes what these things are like because they are so new. I would think an analogy of a crowdsourced database is every time you walk into a retail store, many retailers have a clicker that counts how many people come in and out of the store. Nobody really cares about that because it is completely anonymous. It is not personal data. It is not anything to worry about. It�s not something that people feel is private because it is really not about them. It�s a coagulated total of all traffic. These crowdsourced databases are sort of like that.

    The first part is the worlds best CEO saying "even though last time we told you turning off location services would prevent this and it didn't, this time when we tell you you can believe us"

    The second part is the head of the worlds best marketing department saying "you know what, even after you ask us not to do something and we still do it, it's no biggie. It's all good because the data is ANONIMIZED!. Just to make it seem harmless I will make an inane analogy to a turnstile at a store."

    Except in your analogy the the turnstile is strung around the customers neck and clocks everywhere the he or she goes.

    No fact this is all very technical and I am sure that if you explained it correctly I would be incapable of understanding.

    I am most upset because I truly liked a lot about Apple. Now I feel disillusioned, more by the response than by the issue.

    Jason S.
    Nov 19, 12:28 PM
    The fact that this is for "select" stores, makes me wonder if they are using this to get people in the store. People might visit to see if they have the iPads in stock, and end up leaving with other products. And even if they do have the iPad in stock at certain stores, the profits they receive from the others who were unable to find the iPad but still make a purchase will probably exceed their loss.

    And I'm not talking about TJ Maxx trying to attract the people that would necessarily visit MacRumors. They are most likely trying to target 35-60 year old moms, grandmas, wives, etc. that don't know much about the iPad and would be interested in the other types of products TJ Maxx sells.

    Apr 21, 07:13 PM
    My new 15.2" PowerBook G4 867MHz machine. I sold my G3 500 and got this one. Its the last one to boot OS 9 and the slowest Mac to boot 10.5 natively without any fiddling

    Shows my apps currently installed


    May 3, 05:21 PM
    You lost me, Cable image? what's that?

    Sep 30, 11:40 AM
    excellent news. as more and more business software is on the MAC OS. The better the future for macs.

    Apr 28, 06:18 AM
    I still use a Verizon dumbphone. I see no real reason to switch to iphone, simply because I have little interest in the device (plus, I can't afford a data plan right now, which is required when you buy a Verizon smartphone)

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